International Artist Feature: Switzerland

International Artist Feature: Switzerland

For this article in the international artist series, we turn to Switzerland,
featuring six artists who create fantastic work, from stunning vector art to digital paintings and more! I asked each artist how
country and
culture inspired their work, and they delivered fantastic answers.

Simona Ceccarelli

Simona is an illustrator and concept artist
based in Basel, Switzerland. Her work features fantastic digital
illustrations with charming scenes and characters. Check out
a small selection of her work below, or see more in her portfolio.

Donky and Koontz

The nature, quality of life, and vibrant
international community here in Basel are what I love about Switzerland. As well as the balance
between individual freedom and collective respect.

Donky and Koontz by Simona Ceccarelli
Donky and Koontz

Forest Kids

Thematically, I love to draw children and I love to draw for children. The
understanding of childhood here is “sheltered but independent,” and
children are respected as individuals. I think this has had a strong
influence in the way I try to create personality and emotion.

Forest Kids by Simona Ceccarelli
Forest Kids

Lucy’s Problem

Lucys Problem by Simona Ceccarelli
Lucy’s Problem

100 Kids

Artistically, there is a very strong
design culture here, and I am always striving to let that flow into my
illustration work. Switzerland has always
been very strong in graphic design. Modern and contemporary art are also fundamental to the Swiss

I am a member of the Society of Children
Book Writers and Illustrators, and interact regularly with members of
the Swiss and other European chapters, though that is an international
organization, not specifically Swiss-based.

100 Kids by Simona Ceccarelli
100 Kids

Jonathan Gagnon

Jonathan is a 3D artist based in Geneva, Switzerland. His work features bold, 3D cartoon creations with colorful themes and textures. Check out
a small selection of his work below, or see more in his portfolio.

Boombox Boxer

I’m currently living in Geneva, and one thing I love the most is
the multiculturalism. There’s people from all over the world in such a
tiny place, and it’s really inspiring to live in such an
atmosphere. The scenery is beautiful, and it doesn’t take more than an
hour by train to transform the landscape around you. So it’s a breath of
fresh air every weekend and an easy way to get my head out of the

Boombox Boxer by Jonathan Gagnon
Boombox Boxer


Switzerland is known for its excellence in fields like
watchmaking and engineering, and even though that type of technical
work seems to be far from my cartoon style, it’s a
huge inspiration to see such attention to detail. Plus it always gives me ideas to transcript and polish my
final renders.

Trooper by Jonathan Gagnon

36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type by Jonathan Gagnon
36 Days of Type

VideoGame Superstar Challenge

I’m still in the
process of discovering the art scene around here. There’s a lot of
contemporary art around, as well as a really thriving alternative

Digitally, a lot of the work I see focuses
heavily on minimalist graphic design and luxury product renders. There are so many luxury brands gathered in Geneva that it really “sculpts” the
look of the digital art scene. To be surrounded by such a different
style is actually a great thing and makes me see things
differently and push myself.

VideoGame Superstar Challenge by Jonathan Gagnon
VideoGame Superstar Challenge

Ella Tjader

Ella is an illustrator and surface designer based
in Zurich, Switzerland. Her work features energetic illustrations
showcasing her love of fashion, nature and art. Check out
a small selection of her work below, or see more in her portfolio.

Lucid Dreams Editorial

been living in Switzerland for some time and I love it. Switzerland is
very well
positioned for traveling and we often just jump in the car and go to
Italy or France for the weekend. Healthy living and staying fit is also a
huge part of living
here. The country runs like a Swiss clock and you have to follow the
But it is not a problem, because you’ll really want to take care of this

Lucid Dreams Editorial by Ella Tjader
Lucid Dreams Editorial


Zurich is a very vibrant city, and you see beautiful art
everywhere. There are many art fairs and events happening
throughout the year.

There are a few new
things which I’ve started doing while living in Zurich
though. For example, there are live fashion events that I attend where I
create sketches of guests. Although live fashion drawing
is very popular in the USA and Great Britain, it is still quite new

Hiding by Ella Tjader

Botanical Illustration

Botanical Illustration by Ella Tjader
Botanical Illustration

Birds & Roses

I always joke that in Zurich everyone is either a banker or graphic
designer. There are so many design bureaus dotted around the city and
also plenty of independent art galleries and art shops.

I think it is a tightly knit community and I’ve met a few local artists in Zurich
and Basel that have made me feel very welcomed.

Birds  Roses by Ella Tjader
Birds & Roses

Stefano Rosselli

Stefano is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Geneva, Switzerland. His work features awesome vector illustrations with bold colors and creative themes. Check out
a small selection of his work below, or see more in his portfolio.

Imaginary Birds

What I love about Switzerland is probably that it is peaceful, very safe, clean,
well organized, and you can freely express yourself. The cities are not so big, and you can quickly quit the urban frenzy to lose yourself in nature.
The numerous lakes, rivers and
mountains offer breathtaking landscapes. Everything
is not perfect, but there are a lot of positives that I
really enjoy.

Imaginary Birds by Stefano Rosselli
Imaginary Birds

Zodiac Signs

Where I live has deeply influenced my work.
Visually, I like to create pieces that are simple, direct and
clean. I’m also a perfectionist, so the quest to perfection pushes me
to improve the quality of my work.

In Switzerland, education, critical thinking and respect for the
environment are important matters. The country has made me very aware of this so I’m very glad to create illustrations which can,
in some way, serve these topics.

Zodiac Signs by Stefano Rosselli
Zodiac Signs

Imaginary Birds

Imaginary Birds by Stefano Rosselli
Imaginary Birds

Hidden Beasts

For me it is quite difficult to define the “Swiss art community”
since the arts in Switzerland are very diverse due to the fact that
the country is a melting pot. I would
define it as a cosmopolitan art community where the members feel more like
world class citizens.

Hidden Beasts by Stefano Rosselli
Hidden Beasts

Nadine Colin

Nadine is an illustrator based in Zurich, Switzerland. Her work illustrates her amazing passion for wildlife and funny
characters. Check out
a small selection of her work below, or see more in her portfolio.

Finding the Last Acorn

What I love about Switzerland is the landscape. To be in the middle of
the mountains, or walk through forests and breathe fresh air gives me lot of energy. Switzerland is
a very small country and even living in the biggest city feels like
living in a small town. You are very quickly out of town and in the

Finding the Last Acorn by Nadine Colin
Finding the Last Acorn

Forest Birds

I am mostly influenced by Swiss wildlife and nature. It is a
repeating theme in my illustrations. But I also like to observe people.
It is often not obvious at first sight but there are always funny
characters among us. I love to find the small humor in my everyday life.

In Switzerland everything is very clean, precise and on time. Swiss graphics and illustrations are usually very minimal and
precise. Due to the internet and people traveling, there’s a lot more influence from all over the world too.

Forest Birds by Nadine Colin
Forest Birds

Forest Birds

Forest Birds by Nadine Colin
Forest Birds

The Lost Egg

Illustrators and graphic designers are mostly living in
the few biggest towns in Switzerland. I’m not into the art community
scene of Zürich but I always
stumble upon someone I know.

The Lost Egg by Nadine Colin
The Lost Egg

Antoine Déprez

Antoine is an illustrator based in Lugano, Switzerland. His work features delightful traditional illustrations for children’s books and editorials. Check out
a small selection of his work below, or see more in his portfolio.

L’étonnante Histoire de Mario

I’m originally from France but moved here to Lugano 15 years ago.
Living in Switzerland means that you have a really easy access to art in general.
Ticino, the place where I live, is a very small region where northern and Latin cultures meet
and mix for interesting events.

Ltonnante Histoire de Mario by Antoine Dprez
L’étonnante Histoire de Mario


Our culture is so influenced by religion through social and moral values, and as a visual communicator, I may use the power of iconic pictures sometimes.
Religious images have strong visual impact and are full of symbols and past history. 

Advertising by Antoine Dprez


Press by Antoine Dprez

L’étonnante Histoire de Mario

Swiss living is great for artists. It allows people to express themselves quite easily and show their own creations.

Ltonnante Histoire de Mario by Antoine Dprez
L’étonnante Histoire de Mario

Many thanks to the artists who took time to answer my questions
and share a bit about themselves and how their country and/or culture
has affected their work. You can check out more of their work in the
links below:

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